Here are some current resources to help inform you and your teams on industry-related trends and approaches in the use of mobility technologies to meet the ever-changing demands of supply chains.

Warehouse & Distribution

2022 Warehousing Vision Study
Dynamic Markets Demand Warehouse Agility
Warehouse Maturity Model
Your guide to moving modernization forward.
Zebra Warehousing Solutions
Ease your Modernisation Journey across every operational area


2022 Retail Vision Study
The Next Wave of Retail Fulfilment
Ready Your Retail Store Operations
To Empower a Next-Gen Workforce
Retail Success Story
Walgreens’ Digital Transformation takes Inventory Management to New Heights

Field Operations

Mobility & Remote Enablement
Equipping Field Service Techs with the Tools Their Job Demands & Deserves
The Future of Field Operations
A look at the Energy and Utilities Sectors through to 2025
The Future of Field Operations
A look at the Public Safety Sector through to 2025

Transportation & Logistics

A faster delivery future
How transportation and logistics providers are adjusting to the speed of e-commerce
Real-time Information
Responsive Logistics. Visibility for today’s digital supply chain.
Optimising Operational
Efficiencies with Mobile Solutions for Cold Chain Environments


Track & Trace Visibility in Smart Manufacturing
Realising the Factory of the Future
Manufacturing Success Story
Explosives Manufacturer Deploys Intrinsically devices for Improved Traceability &Inventory Worldwide